Top 6 Google AdWords Strategies You Can Implement Today

1. Test in-market audiences

Ever wonder what Google does with the enormous amounts of data they’re quietly collecting about all of us as we sail through a variety of Google products and Google-tracking-infused websites? Here is the first out of the 6 Google AdWords Strategies.

A recently-released AdWords feature called in-market audiences makes use of this treasured info.

The idea behind this feature is to allow advertisers to look beyond demographics and target users who have demonstrated that they’re in the market for a specific product based on their web behavior.

Because Google knows when a visitor is actively researching and comparing products, or clicking on similar ads and converting, they can leverage this data to help advertisers reach potential customers on various sites across the web.

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In-market audiences allow you to leverage Google’s data to target customers who have shown that they’re in the market for your product.

Let’s say you’re a car dealer and you want to market to people whose web behavior has indicated that they’re planning on buying a new car soon. This feature is a great way to get after this audience using a rich volume of Google’s data.

You can (and should) layer in-market audiences on top of the keywords you’re already targeting in your search campaigns.

2. Don’t let competitors drain your ad budget

Your competitors are clicking your ads – I guarantee it. There’s a golden hack you can employ to keep from paying for these clicks.

The hack? Use IP exclusions.

There’s a trick for how to discover and block your competitors’ IP addresses, precluding them from ever seeing your ads again. And I’m going to teach it to you.

Top 6 Google AdWords Strategies You Can Implement Today

First, you need to determine your competitors’ IP addresses. You may need to try a few different tactics:

  • Find an email from the company. You can locate the IP address by looking at the email header content. This article explains how.
  • Locate the IP address for the company’s domain name. Here’s an eHow article explaining how to do this. Sometimes companies use a different IP address to browse the web than the one their site is hosted on, so this can be tricky. Give it a shot.

Once you have the IP addresses, just scroll down to “IP address exclusion” in your AdWords settings and paste them in. Here’s what that screen looks like:

Top 6 Google AdWords Strategies You Can Implement Today

And voilà. Their IPs are now blocked.

3. Schedule ads to correspond to your sales bandwidth

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for leads that have gone cold. So why do we run ads that drive leads at 3 AM when there’s no one there to call them back?

In some businesses, your customer will wait for that call – but others are different. When a lead is hot, it’s hot, and after a few hours have passed, a burning need becomes a passive query at best.

ads schedule socialiency

To maximize return on ad spend, some companies use ad scheduling religiously. Check out how a PPC ad scheduling strategy drove a 69% improvement in cost per acquisition.

It’s found under advanced campaign settings and it looks like this:

This is especially useful if, say, your offices and sales team are located in the Netherlands while your prospects loom large in the US. Or if you determine that your audience is more likely to purchase at a certain time of day.

This simple tweak helps you ensure that you only pay for leads that are hot off the press.

4. Set Location Bid Adjustment to Target the Right Visitors

Remember, it’s not all about visitors, but the right visitors that are interested in your product/service.

Imagine your online store that is getting around ten thousand visitors in a week, but only fifty of them are converting into customers. Then there is something wrong with your customer targeting which you definitely need to optimize.

Location bid strategy is the perfect solution for all those businesses having the issue discussed above. Using this strategy, you can make sure that you are investing your budget in the area where it should be spent for maximum outcomes.

Top 6 Google AdWords Strategies You Can Implement Today

The real question here is how to do that.

Don’t Worry! It’s not rocket science.

Simply open your Google Ads account, locate the settings tab of the campaign you want to set the location. You will see the location tab there, click this tab, and it will show you all the locations that you are targeting using that campaign.

On the same tab, you will also see the ‘Bid adj’ tab along with the ‘Clicks tab’. The clicks tab will tell you the real story regarding how many clicks you are actually getting from a specific location. It will actually give you the correct idea about which locations you should increase the limit of your bid and where to decrease it.

Now, you have to click on the ‘Bid adj’ tab to set your bids. You can set them by specifying percentage to all your targeted locations.

5. Give More Attention to Mobile-Specific PPC ads

Mobile-specific PPC ads are getting great attention. More than 60 percent of marketers are spending a huge budget on mobile-specific ads because they are getting considerable results from these ads. Mobile specific PPC ads is one of the most important in the list of 6 Google AdWords Strategies.

Top 6 Google AdWords Strategies You Can Implement Today

Before investing your budget on these ads, ensure that your website is well optimized for mobile users. If your website is taking too long to load on mobile devices, then it is better to resolve this issue and then proceed further with mobile PPC ads.

Best Practices For Mobile Based PPC Ads

  • Work on your website first to deliver an outstanding mobile experience to your users.
  • Place ad extensions in your ads.
  • Use enticing keywords to help the user take decision rapidly.
  • Add offers and incentives to your ads.
  • Optimize your ads according to the perfect day and time using day parting feature of ad words.
  • Include emojis in your ads to deliver your message instantly

Do you know that without mobile based PPC ads, you are missing around 45 percent of your click and almost 27 percent of your visitor? See how.

6. Utilize Negative Keywords Wisely

Either you are expert in using Google Ads or a beginner; you must have definitely heard about the use of negative keywords in your ad campaigns. Well, no doubt that they play a major role in boosting the ROI of your ads. But, still, many advertisers ignore this technique and become the victim of driving an unsuccessful Google Ads Strategy.

negative keywords socialiency

So, what are negative keywords?

To keep things simple let’s consider that you are a PPC manager of a bakery that used to sell chocolate cakes. The negative keywords, in that case, can be chocolate cake recipe, baking tips of chocolate cake, how to make chocolate cake, etc.

When you place those negative keywords in your ad campaign, it will block the visitors to come to your site who are typing those keywords. By doing this, you can easily control the quality of traffic towards your website because you surely don’t feel happy with massive unwanted visitors having no interest in your business.

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